Bountiful Harvests and Community Fun

2014-08-18 18.02.21 The last month has sure been abundant with veggies to harvest and deliver…so bounteous that we are working on PRESERVING them! In July we kicked off our Workshop Series with a tour, where community members were so interested and enthused, they joined us in the rain for a tour! The conversation continued with a PANEL AND POTLUCK held at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment.  In our discussion we were joined by some local wisdom and experience.  Mindy Domb (Amherst Survival Center), Sara Tower (New Lands Farm), Jonathan Surrency (Nuestras Raices), and Lisa Damon (Massachusetts Farm to School) discussed their greatest inspirations and struggles in their work in our local food system.  With a focus on action, we discussed how any community member can get involved to improve their local food system.  The conversation was followed by some feasting with a DELICIOUS potluck.  The Hitchcock Center was buzzing with excitement, community connection, and good conversation.  2014-08-18 17.48.21

The fun continued on Monday August 18th with our PRESERVING THE HARVEST workshop at CHD’s Not Bread Alone.  Bob Stover, NBA Program Supervisor, welcomed us hosted the event in their space.  There were 3 stations: pesto making (led by Sarah Berquist), jam making (Peg Thibbitts of Harvest Market), and Fermentation Station( Costa Boutsikaris and Erin Ferrentino).  All who attended got to taste some locally made preserved goodness and then make some to take home! Recipes, ideas, do’s and don’t’s, and laughs were shared.

dt.common.streams.StreamServerThis month we’ve been grateful to receive some new faces as volunteers. The Hampshire Gazzette wrote a lovely article about our project, you can see it here.

Our current volunteer times Tues and Thurs 9-12 and Weds 11-2 will be shifting slightly come September-stay tuned!  Until then, join us and bask in the bounty and beauty of August!

THANK YOU to all our community agencies who help make it happen, volunteers, community members and friends for your support! 

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