Community Fermentation workshop

FullSizeRender 53Last month, the Food For All team hosted a fall Fermentation workshop at CHD’s Not Bread Alone , a local  community meal program located in the First Congregational Church on Main St. The workshop was a two part community event. Bob, a community member and volunteer at Not Bread Alone presented first, sharing his vast knowledge of pickling. Bob’s pickling process involves vinegar, spices, cucumbers, and the occasional hot pepper. Bob shared how he became involved in pickling, the mistakes he’s made and tips he’s learned with pickling throughout the years–we learned the tricks of the trade and most importantly, got to leave with some beautiful jars of pickles!IMG_0414

Bob Stover (the other Bob who runs the Meal Program at NBA) also shared
information on the
Pickle Club, a group that feature’s Bob’s passion for pickles to help support and fundraise Not Bread Alone. It was a great example of community members gathering for a great cause! Thanks to both of the Bobs!

Erik Cullen, a UMass Sustainable Food and Farming Major, and Robert Eastman, a FullSizeRender 52community member and Master Gardener presented on the subject lacto-fermentation. Lacto-fermentation uses bacteria to break down the composition of the food, resulting in food that contains healthy bacteria and that is easier to be digested. The two led a Kimchi demonstration using carrots, red cabbage, and other ingredients, most of which came directly from the Food For All garden! After compacting the vegetables, and adding salt, water, and spices.   We sealed jars with a lid to take home, but learned that once home,  using an object (like a smaller jar filled with water) to  keep the ingredients submerged until they are ready promotes the positive bacteria needed in facto-fermentation. The kimchi will ready to eat within a couple weeks. It was a great hands-on experience that resulted in good food and good laughs!  

FullSizeRender 55The event reflected the community aspect the Food For All garden strives for. Not only was our event hosted by community members sharing their knowledge and their passion, but audience members, friends of the garden, and the Food For All team added their knowledge that drove  the conversation from a workshop to a space to share knowledge and build connections. Thank you to everyone who supported the event! Hope to see you next time!

-Brian Horrocks, Food For All Education Intern

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