A note closing our season

With the New Year right around the corner and a fresh layer of snow covering the garden, I can’t help but already get nostalgic of all the beautiful moments shared and the inspiring people I was able to meet this past summer. Food For All is an amazing and unique project that I will always hold true to my heart, and I know for a fact that with every new year it will continue to prosper and grow into a thriving community environment. I gained a LOT of knowledge and made even more mistakes, but I realized that is THE true beauty of organic farming systems. A special thanks to  CHD’s Not Bread Alone and Amherst Survival Center for doing what they do and accepting all the food we were able to deliver. To Michelle Nikfarjam for being my warrior woman, co-manager. To The Stockbridge School of Agriculture, UMass Amherst for funding and land. And last, but NOT least to Sarah Berquist for being the catalyst and backbone of this whole project. It truly takes a village! Stay tuned, but till then; peace, love, and vegetables .

-Hannah Smalls, 2016 Production Manager

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