Peak Summer @ F4A

I am surprised this blog is even getting written amongst all of the weeding, harvesting, weeding, and growing (and weeding) happening in the garden. Grace, our student production manager this season, has been doing an incredible job in navigating all the tasks and miscellaneous emergencies that happen being a near full-time farmer.  This last month has been full of Grace working hard alone in the field, with Kate’s assistance, and with 20 sets of hands in the garden with the HCC/UMass Clean Energy & Sustainable Ag Summer course visiting the Food for All Garden learning about social/food justice. Amazing to see what many hands can do in just 1 hour!   We are also grateful for the help of UMass Student Farm. 

Last Friday, Grace, Kate, and I ate lunch together at Paul & Elizabeth’s to indulge AND reflect on how the season is going so far. July is a time when things can really get out of control and it can be a struggle to just keep up with the day-to-day, and not pause to reflect on what is going well, and what could be better. The 3 of us are working together really well, piecing together our schedules amongst other jobs, projects, and trying to have some summer fun.

On Friday, before our lunch, we spent some time with Bob Stover, CHD Not Bread Alone’s Meal Program Supervisor, and delivered some lettuce, kale and bunches of fresh herbs to be used in the meals over the weekend. Bob’s passion for his job and the Not Bread Alone community is contagious. We’ve done several deliveries so far and look forward to more and more as the crops grow in the field.


We are excited to announce our first official COMMUNITY WORKDAY of the season on Monday 7/24, 4-6pm.

Stop by for 30mins or the whole time! We’ll be weeding (by hand and with tools), harvesting, clipping and trying to keep up with all the plants growing in the garden. More info here. Hope to see you there!

Be sure to check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for more up-to-date info & spontaneous work day announcements.  Happy summer!

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