Flowers for All

Blog by: Jacqueline Williams 


Food For All students delivering flower donations to Not Bread Alone.

At Food For All, we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our mission of working with local relief organizations to recover and deliver locally grown produce to the surrounding community. In doing so, we hope to provide easier access to fresh, healthy food to those who would not have access otherwise. We strongly believe that everyone should have enough food to sustain themselves through their daily activities and that having the power to make choices in what you are eating is important.

One organization we work closely with is CHD’s Not Bread Alone, a program that distributes donated grocery items every Saturday and that provides free community meals three days a week. Part of our connection to Not Bread Alone is volunteering at the facility outside of our deliveries to them. By participating in that part of the process, we are able to actively see how the work we do impacts real people in our community. One experience that has really stuck with me in its impact is when we brought and distributed flowers to one of NBA’s Saturday dinners.

We spent the morning in the Food For All garden searching for, picking, and trimming the best flowers we could find. By the end, we had found ourselves with a few buckets stuffed with a lovely variety of zinnias, marigolds, cosmos, and sunflowers. After gathering some of them up into bouquets and picking up the vegetables we were planning to deliver that day, we packed the truck and we went.


From left to right: Jackie Williams, Kayleigh Boucher, and Braden Leinhart making mini bouquets for Not Bread Alone patrons. 

Upon arrival, we set up our table full of bouquets, loose flowers (so people could make their own bunches as they please), and food for donation. Not Bread Alone patrons came up one-by-one, taking their choice of flowers as they left. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to see the joy that something as simple as flowers brought. Our aim for this was to bring something beautiful to our community members, in hopes that it would brighten their day (even in the slightest).

The smiles and the warmth in the room spoke for itself. 10/10 times, I would relive this experience and help out again. I learned just how important it is to think more about the things that I may sometimes take for granted, and to never underestimate how much you can make a difference. Bringing something beautiful to those who may not always have access to the luxury of flowers is a really great thing to do, because everyone deserves flowers, regardless of socioeconomic status.

To support Not Bread Alone through donations or volunteering, or to access their resources available to all, visit their website. 


Zinnias grown in the Food For All garden for donation to Not Bread Alone. 

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