About Us


Our Mission

The Food For All Program produces and recovers grown vegetables herbs and flowers for local relief organizations. In partnership with the Amherst Survival CenterNot Bread Alone, and UMass Student FarmStockbridge School of Agriculture students and faculty provide access to healthy food as well as opportunities to connect with nature and learn garden basics.

Our History

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Started in 2014, the Food For All Program collaborates with the Amherst Survival Center, Not Bread Alone Soup Kitchen in Amherst, and UMass Student Farm to produce and recover organically-grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers for the Amherst community at large. Based out of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, students & faculty work to provide community members access to healthy food as well as the opportunity to connect with nature and their food source. The program hosts educational workshops to engage our community and facilitate conversations about food justice and local food. Food For All offers a practicum at UMass for students interested in food sovereignty,  service learning, and gaining hands-on farming experience.

For the past 4 seasons, the Food For All Program has been production-based. We have grown ¾ of an acre of vegetables, herbs, and flowers at the Agricultural Learning Center in Amherst to donate to Not Bread Alone, the Amherst Survival Center, and other local organizations. In 2018, Food For All will be scaling back our production to focus more on redistributing excess produce already being grown in the Valley. We will be working closely with the UMass Student Farm to reduce food waste and increase access while using resources as efficiently as possible.

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