Who We Are

FOOD FOR ALL Mission: the Food For All Garden produces organically grown vegetables herbs and flowers for local relief organizations. In partnership with the Amherst Survival Center and Not Bread Alone, the Stockbridge School of Agriculture students & faculty provide access to healthy food as well as opportunity to connect with nature and learn garden basics.

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The Food for All production team is made up of a Student Production Manager, Student Production Assistant and Faculty Support, all supported by the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst.

Our 2017 Crew:



Grace McKay will be entering her senior as a double major in Sustainable Food and Farming and Music. Grace is passionate about food systems work and small-scale sustainable agriculture, and is determined to foster more community engagement at Food For All. She is excited for this opportunity to be production manager so she can generate a collaborative learning experience centered around community food systems, and better understand the process of growing healthy food for all.

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Kate Brodsky  is a junior in the Stockbridge Sustainable Food and Farming program. She has been working in agriculture and against food insecurity since high school. She wantsto gain experience this summer in community support and practical experience in farming.



2015-07-17 11.24.42Sarah Berquist, Faculty Support, has an ever-growing passion for teaching and growing food. She graduated UMass with a BS in Sustainable Agriculture and MS in Sustainability Science and Agriculture Education.  In 2010, Sarah realized her passion for bringing healthy food to all areas of her community while she was Market Manager of the Amherst Farmers’ Market.  Sarah worked with the town and various dedicated community members to get SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) accepted at the market. Since then, Sarah continues to deepen her involvement in local food systems justice through various projects and courses in UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture. As an instructor and advisor in Stockbridge, Sarah provides support for students to run the garden, maintain community partnerships, and hold workshops.



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