Who We Are


Our 2019 Crew:

The 2019 Student Farm Food Access Initiative team is made up of 2 Student Program Managers and a Faculty Support, both supported by the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst.

Welcome to Allison Driscoll and Nick Ferlazzo, our new program managers for the 2019 season! They are both also on the 2019 UMass Student Farm crew. They will be working this summer and fall to redirect excess food grown on the Student Farm to our community partners Not Bread Alone and the Amherst Survival Center. They will also be growing nearly half an acre of flowers for donation, working to coordinate community events around local food insecurity, and working with the Student Food Pantry and UMass Permaculture to increase food access on campus. We are so blessed to have these two dedicated, hard-working, inspiring students on board! Welcome to the team, Allison and Nick!

img_0561-e1558376787263.jpgAllison Driscoll, Student Program Manager, is a Senior majoring in Sustainable Food and Farming at UMass. Allison was born and raised in Northampton, MA and loved growing up in the vibrant Pioneer Valley community. Being surrounded by local farms, they were drawn to pursue an education in sustainable farming. They discovered their passion for food justice while running a chapter of a club called Artists Striving to End Poverty in high school. This summer, Allison will be organizing Food Justice community events for UMass and Amherst, working with our community partners Not Bread Alone and The Amherst Survival Center, and working on the UMass Student Farm crew. They are eager to strengthen the connections between Food for All, the Student Farm, and the UMass and Amherst communities to create a united front against food insecurity.

60855541_2441179245913338_5980634323504594944_o.jpgNick Ferlazzo, Student Program Manager, is a senior in the Sustainable Food and Farming major at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture and is a part of the Student Farm and the Student Farm Food Access Initiative. Before attending UMass, Nick worked on organic farms in Pioneer Valley as a crew member and harvest manager. He has also had experience implementing permaculture and grey water design strategies on production properties in Arizona. Nick is excited to be a part of the donation delivery process this summer and to build our relationships with local food relief organizations.

41145024_2049475971758805_3949089516614057984_n-e1558377076321.jpgSarah Berquist, Faculty Support, has an ever-growing passion for teaching and growing food. She graduated UMass with a BS in Sustainable Agriculture and MS in Sustainability Science and Agriculture Education. In 2010, Sarah realized her passion for bringing healthy food to all areas of her community while she was Market Manager of the Amherst Farmers’ Market. Sarah worked with the town and various dedicated community members to get SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) accepted at the market. Since then, Sarah continues to deepen her involvement in local food systems justice through various projects and courses in UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture. As an instructor and adviser in Stockbridge, Sarah provides support for students to run the garden, maintain community partnerships, and hold workshops.


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