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Food For All is a great place to find community, grow food, and connect to the earth. If you are interested in learning and getting your hands dirty, reach out! To be notified about volunteer opportunities, fill out this form with your contact information.

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We love to co-organize events, meet with community members, and get to know new local organizations. If you have an idea for a collab, just let us know!

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Assist Food for All Student Program Manager Kayleigh Boucher to harvest and recover excess food from local farms and assist in produce deliveries to local relief organizations this fall for 1-3 credits. Gain hands-on food justice experience with a small group of students and learn about the project’s efforts to address local food insecurity. In addition to hands-on work in the field, we will meet as a group throughout the semester 2-3 times to discuss greater themes around food justice, food security, and food sovereignty.

STOCKSCH 398G. Pass/Fail. 1-3 credits available depending on your time commitment. Contact Sarah Berquist at to enroll.

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